Oneplus 2 - Cons reviewed after use

Oneplus 2 – Cons reviewed after use

Oneplus 2 looks very powerful smartphone when we look onto it’s hardware configuration but enigmatic facts comes out after its use by any heavy user. I am using Oneplus 2 since two months and while its use i new many problem which are in Oneplus 2. I liked its hardware configurations and that’s the reason i preferred this smartphone to use but software too matters.

Cons of Oneplus 2 reviewed after use
Oneplus 2

Cons of Oneplus 2 –

  • Fingerprint sensor do not work as accurate as company promises.
  • Though camera has bigger sensor size which help to capture more light while in day time some of details in picture are lost like color of grass changes and becomes like painted art.
  • This device comes with reversible type-c connector which is said to be future proof technology but i don’t think that it is ready for future because there is no fast or quick charging support given with the device. Even quick charge 2.0 is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset. Not without Quick charge takes more then 1:30 hour to get charged.
  • As we know that this Oneplus 2 comes with Snapdragon 810 which got heating issue and that’s why Samsung preferred to their own processor. Oneplus tried to down-clock the speed of processor then also it gets heated when used heavily.
  • Now finally it comes to Software where Oneplus tried to use their own modified version of Android as Oxygen OS. In this device we get Oxygen 2.2.0 which is stable at some points but yet needs to be improved very much. There are several bugs present in this OS. I had used Oneplus One before coming to Oneplus 2 and i likes Cyanogen very much. As if we look into OS by Oneplus we find many limitations like notification with limited widgets and there is shortcut to change sound setting before playing sound. If you want to change sound then you need to visit sound option under settings or wait for music to be played and then change .

There are few more cons of this device while there are also many pros which are not included in this post. I like it because of its battery backup, memory as well as for processing but i had cyanogen with it then i might not typed this post.

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