Best Launchers for Marshmallow

There are many launchers available for Android but the point is which are best launchers for marshmallow. Some of them are lite while some of them use much battery. I currently use Oneplus 2 as to play games and use internet. The GUI which came with my Oneplus 2 is not so impressive to me. Then i tried to search for many launchers for marshmallow.
I got known to many launchers like Hola, Nova and TSF. Below I have Created list of all best Launchers for Marshmallow.

Launchers for Marshmallow
Launchers for Marshmallow

List of Best Launchers for Marshmallow –

ZenUI Launcher –

This one is the best launcher for Marshmallow which is designed by Asus. I must say that Asus have really done a awesome job! They created many powerful as well as beautiful smartphone since last year. In Asus ZenUI there are lots of feature available like swipe down and search in a flash feature for quick search. They also cared of home-screen and introduces a efficient management system for home-screen. ZenUI is of around 19 Mb and voted one of the best Launcher on play store.

Total Downloads from Play Store –  10M+

You can Download Asus ZenUI from here.


Nova Launcher-

If you are looking for a light processing but beautiful launcher then you should go with this Nova Launcher. This is one of best launcher for Marshmallow. Size of this app varies with device. Nova launcher got 4.6 out of 5 on play store which is one of the best rating any launcher got till now. There are several enigmatic features you get with this launcher like-

  • Icon Themes
  • Subgrid positioning
  • Color Controls
  • Customize App Drawer
  • Backup/Restore and many more features.

Total Downloads From Play Store – 10M+

You can Download Nova Launcher From here.


Hola Launcher

Earlier when i was installing this launcher i though what could i get in 3Mb but when i used this launcher i was seriously amazed by its performance.performance. Hola Got 4.4 out for 5 rating on play store by users. This is the best launcher for any device which have 1 GB of RAM and around 1.2GHz clock speed of processor. Only in 3 MB hola Launcher provides many features like –

  • Hola Shine
  • Hola Boost
  • Hola Box
  • Search
  • Intercept
  • Notifications
  • Screen Lock
  • Weather Forcast
  • Priority Apps
  • Smart Folders and many other features

Total Downloads from Play Store –  10M+

You can download Hola Launcher from here.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

This Launcher is not made for a basic user it you own a smartphone with high configuration then you are the perfect user to install this Launcher. TSF generally consumes a lot of battery and smartphones with low batter can’t afford this launcher as i previously said. In high configuration this launcher work very well and i find this as the best launcher for marshmallow but again reminding only if you have big battery installed in your smartphone.  Every this look very cool in TSF launcher. I like this launcher more than any other launcher on play store. On play store TSF got 4.4 out of 5 rating from the users who installed it. There are many extraordinary features present in TSF like-

  • Fantastic animation transition effects
  • Miraculous and effective 3D home screen switching mode
  • Unlimited dock bar
  • Batch icon selecting for home screens
  • More than 9 gestures supported for Android shortcuts (my personal favorite)
  • Pioneering icon editing tool
  • Many nice free third-party themes are available
  • Funny and intuitive TSF Launcher settings menu

Total Downloads on play store – 1M+

You can Download TSF Launcher 3D Shell from here.

CM Launcher

CM launcher got its popularity because of Clean Master app which was also developed by same firm which is Cheetah Mobile Inc. But later it was performing on its own.  CM Launcher needs 4+ Ice Cream Sandwich or more upper version of android to work. This is one of the best Launchers available for Marshmallow. This Launcher also comes with grate features and as it is from a firm which developed Clean Master so their is a great cleaning feature in this launcher for both main memory as well as for secondary memory too. On play store this launcher got 4.6 out of 5 rating. There are several features in this launcher and some of them are –

  • Boost
  • Security
  • Personalization
  • Apps Categorization
  • Vocal Theme
  • Multilingual Support.

Total Downloads from Play Store – 5M+

You can Download CM Launcher from here.


So this was the list of best launchers for Marshmallow.  There are many other Launchers on play store and my be they too get updated more better than these five. I will be watching them and again write post if i find few better launchers for Marshmallow. Thank You for reading my post. There are few links below if you link go there-


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