Some Useful Apps for Android

Some Useful Apps for Android

There are many apps available for android and on many app platforms including Google’s play store and other like Amazon appstore which is also a big player to play store. Today i will let you know few useful apps for android. When ever i meet my friends many of them use to ask me to suggest them any app which is useful to them. Few time i am able to provide answer to their question but few times it becomes difficult for me to reply them.  Even i need to improve my knowledge. I am the Google or Bing which has answer for many of your questions.  Finally i researched on the topic to know useful apps for android and now i am ready to tell you few or some useful apps for Android.

Some Useful Apps for Android
Some Useful Apps for Android


List of some useful apps for android –

1. Camera 360

In today’s scenario camera is becoming one of the useful accessory for someone. So my first app to be introduced in this list is camera360 which comes with great editing tools and camera tools too. On playstore it is available for free of cost. There are several features which can be used to capture shots. This is the best camera app found on Google Play Store.

2.  ES File Explorer –

This is the best app in its category to manage you files. There are lots of features available in this app. ES File Explorer can also transfer your file over network or vie router configuration. There are several other features available in it like it can also clean residue of apps which are uninstalled. Many of the android manufacturing companies are already using this app as their default app for Exploring files.

3.  CamScanner

This is a utility app available for android. This app can be used to scan any document and save is for later use. This app creates a high contrast image of any text pic which is easier to read. Scanning is its basic use but it can also perform many other tasks too like editing of any image or converting a image file to a text file which is  generally know as OCR.

4. Google Keep

Google keep is another useful app for android. If can be used to store your notes and can be synchronize to ever device of yours. Before Google keep i was using Catch Notes but one day it stopped working and all my note went out of reach. Then i installed Google keep which can be trusted and your notes will be always safe and backed-up at cloud. Keep also provide feature of reminding which is useful for me and can be useful for you too.

5. Google Drive

It Google drive you get 15 Gb of online storage where you can keep your important data. This App provides a proper way to manage you cloud storage. It is available for free on play store. Through this app you can easily upload pics,text file, doc or other files to your cloud storage. There are also few other storage available for cloud storage like Drop Box and One drive from Microsoft.

6. Google Translator

In Its category this is one of the best app available. Google translator has capability to show translation directly from the camera which is used for scanning. This app will impress you when you will use its OCR feature which is almost 99.99% correct if you are trying to catch Arial font.


above are the few useful apps for android and in next few days i will again create a list of best camera apps for Android.

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