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Technical Patidar is organising there first GiveAway and Winning Price are Two new Smartphones : Redmi Note 3 and Micromax Spark 3.

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  2. Results are going to be shown on this upcoming 7th May.

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Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic

How to Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic

Even you get features like wireless mic while you use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic. There are Three types of connections which you are while using Oneplus 2 as PC Mic.

  • WiFi Connection
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • USB Connection

Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic


Downloads to Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic –

The software used is WO mic. You need to first download files for its use. Links are given below-

If needed than disable driver signing enforcement so drivers can work properly. To know more on how to do this refer here.

Please make sure that PC is connected to internet so Drivers can be installed. If you still find problem in installing PC drivers click here for FAQ.

How to Use WO Mic app-

  1. Open WO Mic app in both PC as well as in Smartphone.
  2. In smartphone open settings and tap on transport.  Wo Mic Screenshot_1
  3. Select WIFI if Oneplus 2 and PC both are connected to same network or select USB and connect Oneplus 2 PC. Wo Mic Screenshot_2Wo Mic Screenshot_3
  4. press Start which is in left of settings option.Wo Mic Screenshot_4
  5. Now in PC app click on connection which is top left corner and then click on connect .   wo-mic-desktop-client
  6. A menu opens where select the transport as selected in Oneplus 2.
  7. if you have selected WiFi in oneplus 2 then enter the IP address show in android app.
  8. Now in PC click on “OK”
  9. Thus you are ready to use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic.

Some problem might occur during installing PC drivers and if this happens then you can contact me by commenting your problem in comment box.