Why I hate Oneplus 2 ?

Almost everybody whose knows configuration of Oneplus 2 can only thing that it is very powerful smartphone and affordable too. There are several point to hate Oneplus 2 which i will discuss in this post. When i first came to know that there is a company who is offering a smartphone with 3 GB of RAM and 2.5 Gigahertz snapdragon 801 processor i was shocked after i knew its price. I suddenly wished to buy this smartphone which was Oneplus One. I got little angry on Invitation system but i focused on this phone and bought it. Every this which i got into Oneplus One was almost what i was in need of except few things like Dual SIM and Heating Issue. CyanogenMod in Oneplus One was Marvelous i liked it very much. Since when i was using Samsung Galaxy S2 i had flash CyanogenMod ROM in it and it was very good experience for me to use Cyanogen ROM.

Why i hate Oneplus 2
Why i hate Oneplus 2

Why I hate Oneplus 2 –

There are many points which i would like to add to show why i hate Oneplus 2 –

  1. Lets first talk about camera, I likes new feature introduced by Oneplus which is Laser Auto-focus but it is only feature i liked nothing else is appreciable.
  2. There are only few setting available for user like switching modes from picture to video or slow motion to manual but there is no option to change picture quality as low quality, medium quality or high quality. Neither you can turn location On or Off.
  3. There are several more issues in it like color representation of its camera is very bad as it you take any picture of nature then we find that green color goes so what blurred.
  4. In Oneplus One company had installed six element sensor from Sony which was Exmor sensor but in Oneplus 2 they have replaced it with OmniVision Lens. And picture quality got worse!
  5. Now Coming to hardware, There is new feature introduced by company which is fingerprint sensor,”what the hell” i found it working one of three times. Even i had configured my thumb twice. Whenever someone is looking at me and my phone i pray to god that this time my phone should accept my fingerprint in once.
  6. Even Display sensitivity is less as compared to Oneplus one.
  7. There is a Big battery installed with it but when i start using i feel it limited to use. I know i am using a device which is powered by Snapdragon 810 which very powerful processor and one of the best processor available yet. But this doesn’t mean that i get a limited battery backup.
  8. There are few point more in hardware section to show why i hate oneplus 2 but now let me come to software for which i was waiting more than a month to write on Oxygen OS.
  9. My first point for Oxygen OS “Whaat the Helllllll”?
  10. Why Oneplus used their own OS if it was not fully developed?
  11. There are lots of bugs in Oxygen. It is becoming a matter of lough since in our real world also oxygen is getting polluted.
  12. Oneplus provide Oxygen UI which is not so magnetic nor they provide any option to change theme of device. I know other ways to download launcher from play store.
  13. Contacts gets automatically deleted it they are saved in Google account . I consulted Oneplus team and they said “better save contacts in Phone memory”.
  14. One of the major drawback of Oneplus two is “this Device don’t have Gallery App“. This might be because google wants to promote their photo app.
  15. There are many setting which are missing in Oxygen OS like two different ringtone for dual SIM or ringing in Ascending .
  16. Limited Notification widgets and no more modification performed in notification area.

This were some point which shows why i hate Oneplus 2. I will be updating this post as i know more problem in Oneplus 2. There are many good qualities in this phone which are not added in this post because they were not in my post area. i will be making a new post which will cover those point which shows Oneplus 2 a better companion. Thanks for reading.

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Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic

How to Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic

Even you get features like wireless mic while you use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic. There are Three types of connections which you are while using Oneplus 2 as PC Mic.

  • WiFi Connection
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • USB Connection

Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic


Downloads to Use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic –

The software used is WO mic. You need to first download files for its use. Links are given below-

If needed than disable driver signing enforcement so drivers can work properly. To know more on how to do this refer here.

Please make sure that PC is connected to internet so Drivers can be installed. If you still find problem in installing PC drivers click here for FAQ.

How to Use WO Mic app-

  1. Open WO Mic app in both PC as well as in Smartphone.
  2. In smartphone open settings and tap on transport.  Wo Mic Screenshot_1
  3. Select WIFI if Oneplus 2 and PC both are connected to same network or select USB and connect Oneplus 2 PC. Wo Mic Screenshot_2Wo Mic Screenshot_3
  4. press Start which is in left of settings option.Wo Mic Screenshot_4
  5. Now in PC app click on connection which is top left corner and then click on connect .   wo-mic-desktop-client
  6. A menu opens where select the transport as selected in Oneplus 2.
  7. if you have selected WiFi in oneplus 2 then enter the IP address show in android app.
  8. Now in PC click on “OK”
  9. Thus you are ready to use Oneplus 2 as PC Mic.

Some problem might occur during installing PC drivers and if this happens then you can contact me by commenting your problem in comment box.


Flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 2 CyanogenMod

Flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 2 CyanogenMod

Oneplus 2 comes with Oxygen OS which is not the first preference for its users. If any of Oneplus 2 user had used Oneplus one then he finds himself very unlucky to get this Oxygen OS with many bugs. But Oneplus Two users need Not do worry because you can also Flash custom Rom on Oneplus 2. In this post i will guide you to install Cyanogen Custom ROM to your OnePlus 2. You just need to read this article carefully.

Flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 2 CyanogenMod
Oneplus 2 CyanogenMod


  • Custom ROMs void warranty so be sure that you want to do it. You can again install stock ROM if you want.
  • Backup all data before starting.
  • Your Oneplus Two should be Rooted first if not then first see this post. Then get back to here.
  • If you still want to install custom ROM then i should let you know that there are some features like Laser focus and fingerprint scanner are not working till current ROM from Cyanogen.

Downloads –

We are going to install Cyanogen ROM and i personally suggest to install CM12.1 as it is more stable than CM13 which still has many bugs.

Backup and Flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 2 that CyanogenMod-

  • Before we flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 2 connect it to PC and Paste both the downloaded files into root folder of internal Storage.
  • Now Disconnect the device and turn it off.
  • After device is off press Volume down key as well as Power key together till you see Oneplus logo on screen. Now left power key but hold volume key still till you see TWRP recovery.
  • Now first press on backup option and create backup of your current ROM which is Stock ROM “Oxygen OS” . It is important to create backup of your stock ROM because in case you face any problem after you flash custom ROM on Oneplus 2 then you can again roll back to your stock ROM with help of this backup.
  • Now format oneplus 2 by tapping on Wipe data and then confirm wiping.
  • Its time to flash Custome ROM on oneplus 2 and to do that tap on install and then choose the ROM zip file which was first copied to internal storage of Oneplus 2.
  • And after installation completes again click on install and choose Gapps file and install it.
  • Press Reboot option now.

Congratulations! after Reboot completes you have CyanogenMod ROM running on your device that is You have flash custom ROM on Oneplus 2.

Oneplus 2 - Cons reviewed after use

How to Root Oneplus 2

When Oneplus boomed to market with its first smartphone which is Oneplus one they suddenly hyped the whole market in few days. But the same enigmatic was not show by Oneplus two. Second phone from Oneplus also had high configuration at less price as compared to big brands like Sony Samsung and hTC, But here Oneplus tries to use there on customized android OS that is Oxygen OS. And here Oneplus failed because users enjoyed Oneplus One with Cyanogen and here in Oneplus 2 users got bad impression due to much bugs in Oxygen OS.  Root is the another way to get back Cyanogen OS in Oneplus 2. But be careful if your want to root Oneplus 2 for installing Cyanogen then you might get many bugs in Cyanogen still. Custom ROM from Cyanogen is not fully ready for Oneplus 2. There are lots of bugs still left to get solved like proper working of Laser focus and Fingerprint Scanner. Now coming to point lets start the topic of Root Oneplus 2.

Root Oneplus 2
Oneplus 2


  • Do at your Own risk. warranty of your device will be void.
  • Your Device may brick will attempting to Root Oneplus 2.
  • This procedure for Root Oneplus 2 should not be followed for any other device.
  • All data stored on the device may get erased. So better backup all the data files.


Click here to Download files required to Root Oneplus 2.

2-Installing ADB Drivers on Your PC or Mac-

  • First Extract the downloaded files to desktop.
  • Install the ADB Drivers into your PC if you don’t know this then better first Google it.
  • Its very easy to install and then come back here.
  • Copy the SuperSU.zip and recovery.img files from  the downloaded folder into the C:/adb folder which is since installing ADB  (they need to be in the same folder as adb.exe and fastboot.exe).


3- Unlocking the Bootloader on the Oneplus 2-

  • If you haven’t ever enabled the debugging mode then do that by following this instructions go to Settings>About Phone and their tap for 7-8 time on Built number and it will notify you as debugging options enabled.
  • Now come one step back to settings and got to debugging menu and their turn on USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • Now connect your device to PC using USB cable.
  • Allow debugging on your device if you are asked by your device.
  • Now get back to PC and launch Command prompt Window from Fastboot Folder which are extracted by you earlier. To do this, Hold down Shift on your keyboard and right-click anywhere inside the Fastboot folder and select Open command window here.
  • Type the command shown below into the command prompt Window and press Enter:
  •  adb reboot bootloader
  • Now your device will go into bootloader mode check it.
  • Again type the following command and press enter key:
  • fastboot oem unlock
  • This was the command to unlock bootloader so wait till it unlocks the bootloader of Oneplus 2. After this processes your device will automatically reboot.

4-Flashing a Custom Recovery on the OnePlus 2

  • After device gets started normally again enable debugging mode as we did before and then again turn on USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • Now in command prompt which is still open type the following commands and press enter key:
  • adb push SuperSU.zip /sdcard/SuperSU.zip
    adb reboot recovery
    adb reboot bootloader
  • Enter the below command after device comes into bootloader mode and then press enter:
  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • Now time to wait till device is being flashed TWRP Recovery on it. When this process completes go to recovery mode by pressing Volume Down Key and Power key together till you don’t see any activity in the device. Now release Power key but not volume key until TWRP recovery not seen to you.

5-Final Step to Root Oneplus 2 Using TWRP and SuperSU-

  • Now your are TWRP recovery mode here your first priority is to get backup of Oxygen OS as it is stable and official ROM for Oneplus 2 . It is necessary because it you get any problem in future after rooting then this will help you to get back to original ROM. To do this Tap Backup and again tap on Confirm and wait till it completes.
  • Tap back after it get finished and then tap on Install.
  • Select SuperSU.zip on you device and tap on confirm and wait till TWRP to install SuperSU.
  • When process is completed choose reboot option and reboot your device. Close all the file and folders which are opened for rooting Oneplus 2.

Congratulations! Your Oneplus 2 is now rooted and My post on Root Oneplus 2 is successful. Comment any problem which ever you get while rooting your Oneplus 2.

Oneplus 2 - Cons reviewed after use

Oneplus 2 – Cons reviewed after use

Oneplus 2 looks very powerful smartphone when we look onto it’s hardware configuration but enigmatic facts comes out after its use by any heavy user. I am using Oneplus 2 since two months and while its use i new many problem which are in Oneplus 2. I liked its hardware configurations and that’s the reason i preferred this smartphone to use but software too matters.

Cons of Oneplus 2 reviewed after use
Oneplus 2

Cons of Oneplus 2 –

  • Fingerprint sensor do not work as accurate as company promises.
  • Though camera has bigger sensor size which help to capture more light while in day time some of details in picture are lost like color of grass changes and becomes like painted art.
  • This device comes with reversible type-c connector which is said to be future proof technology but i don’t think that it is ready for future because there is no fast or quick charging support given with the device. Even quick charge 2.0 is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset. Not without Quick charge takes more then 1:30 hour to get charged.
  • As we know that this Oneplus 2 comes with Snapdragon 810 which got heating issue and that’s why Samsung preferred to their own processor. Oneplus tried to down-clock the speed of processor then also it gets heated when used heavily.
  • Now finally it comes to Software where Oneplus tried to use their own modified version of Android as Oxygen OS. In this device we get Oxygen 2.2.0 which is stable at some points but yet needs to be improved very much. There are several bugs present in this OS. I had used Oneplus One before coming to Oneplus 2 and i likes Cyanogen very much. As if we look into OS by Oneplus we find many limitations like notification with limited widgets and there is shortcut to change sound setting before playing sound. If you want to change sound then you need to visit sound option under settings or wait for music to be played and then change .

There are few more cons of this device while there are also many pros which are not included in this post. I like it because of its battery backup, memory as well as for processing but i had cyanogen with it then i might not typed this post.