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6 Problems in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Many users are reporting problems in windows and that is way i collected 6 basic problems in windows 10 which user face normally. I am a tech geek and i like to switch  on new operating system as soon as it is available by its developer. So i am using windows 10 since its preview version. There are few changes in Windows 10 which i really hate like in windows 8 we had full screen apps like email and camera but in windows 10 they have changed it to added status bar. All the buttons from corner are removed and if you want so power off your laptop then you need to click on start button then click on power option which is 2 seconds more delaying to me,  as i always like to use my system as fast as i can. So now lets get to the topic to see problems in Windows 10.

6 Problems in Windows 10
6 Problems in Windows 10

6 Problems in Windows 10

Automatic Update forcefully

Microsoft removed option of selecting updates for your windows 10. They changed this option to just a restart option to install downloaded updates. If you have a LAN connection with limited usage plan then you are going to be new prey my your own laptop. If you are using internet using WiFi then there is a option present in settings as metered WiFi connection which will stop downloading of updates automatically.

Hanging Chrome

In windows you may find chrome getting slow more often while using YouTube but this problem can only be solved by Google by providing update for chrome while before that you can only use few precautions like stopping extensions as much as possible for you. Extensions uses both memory as well as processor of system which results in slow down of system.

Activation Problem 

You might getting activation problem if you have installed your windows 10 recently. You need not to worry about this because this problem will automatically get short out by itself. If you find later option in windows then just click that and wait till this problem gets solved. Let see the next problems in windows 10.

Favorites in Edge

MS introduces new fresh browser in windows 10 which is EDGE and it is really impressive. I am not good user to Internet Explorer but now with Edge i am to getting friendly. Edge to contain one of the problem of problems in windows 10. Where are my favorites? And solution to it is really simple. Click on … button and go to settings and look for import option and get all the favorites from another browser.

Folder Fail in Email App

This problem is not occurring with all the user but some of the users have reported that in email app in Windows 10 they are unable to create sub-folder. Solution to this problem can only be wait for Microsoft to roll a fix for this. There is nothing else we can do for this problem.

Connectivity Issue

Many of users who are using windows 10 are facing problem of Wi-Fi auto turing On and Off and not connecting again after tuning again On. Solution to this problem is not good for user and solution is to restart the system again.

While few user reported that this problem can be solved after you disable WiFi sharing and this i got know from few of the website.

Audio 3.5mm jack connection notification

One extra problem which gets occurred in windows 10 is it always informs you that you ears might get damaged which listening songs at high volume but do Windows know that i am inserting 3.5 mm jack of my sound system not earphone?

I have search for this problem on net also but got no 100% working answer. Someone told that this is problem with Realtek that’s absolutely incorrect. The only solution to this problem is to wait for Microsoft to roll out update to this.

So this was the article by me on 6 problems in Windows 10. I hop this helped you. I have a YouTube channel also named as Tipnol where you may find more on the topic.